Young Audiences

An Armenian Fairy Tale

Once upon a time… there was a young violinist, Nazan, who decided to travel across his country to find friendship and adventures! This Armenian fairy tale is carried by pieces of music of Komitas, Haydn, Ravel, and Glass, creating a link between the West and East cultures.

During the tale, the children will discover the instruments of the quartet and its repertoire. The show brings to light the essence of music: telling stories, express our feelings, painting a picture, describing a scene…

Young Audiences


French Language Project

“Tzoliné” is a tale of Armenian inspiration, accompanied by Komitas’ music. While the storyteller takes the listener on a journey, mysterious characters lead us on a magical quest where brotherhood, cunning and patience are essential!

Always pragmatic, Armenian tales impart wisdom in the most beautiful of ways.

There was or was not a venerable Weaver Queen whose wisdom was known to all. One day, her daughter, the intrepid Tzoliné, commits an unforgivable fault and is banished from the kingdom. On her way, she meets a mysterious wanderer and a mute prince. Her wanderings take her from a desperate fishing trip to the tears of a fish, from an endless march to the curse of a Dev, from one challenge to the next…

“Tzoliné” is an adaptation of the traditional Armenian tale “The Golden Fish”. The quartet, accompanied by the storyteller Toinette Lafontaine, give voice and body to the different characters in the story. While all the characters in the original are men (with the exception of the princess waiting to be saved) the adaptation weaves in three talented and resourceful female roles.

In “Tzoliné”, modern messages are fused with ancestral charm and tradition.